Getting Started With Bitcoin

The Phantom browser extension and mobile in-app browser both support interacting with Bitcoin and Ordinals dapps. As Phantom version 23.19, users can enable Bitcoin by going to Settings > Active Networks and enabling Bitcoin like so:

There are two main ways to integrate Phantom into your web application:

Direct Integration

The most direct way to interact with Phantom is via the provider that Phantom injects into your web application. This provider is globally available at window.phantom and its methods will always include Phantom's most up-to-date functionality. This documentation is dedicated to covering all aspects of the provider.

When adding a Phantom button to your dappโ€™s wallet modal, we recommend using the name โ€œPhantomโ€ with an SVG/PNG icon which can be found here.

Wallet Standard

Applications can also integrate Phantom by adding support for Wallet Standard. The Bitcoin-specific extensions for Wallet Standard can be found here.

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