Deeplinks provide a convenient way for users to open web apps within Phantom. Using their phone’s camera, users can scan a QR code to open a page directly within Phantom’s in-app browser. If a web app detects that a user is on mobile, it can also prompt the user to open a specific page within Phantom's in-app browser.

The browse deeplink can be used before a Connect event takes places, as it does not require a session param. Please review Extension & Mobile Browser for more information on how apps can interact with Phantom from within the in-app browser.

browse deeplinks are not intended to be pasted into mobile web browsers. These deeplinks must either be handled by an app or clicked on by an end user.

URL Structure<url>?ref=<ref>


  • url (required): The URL that should open within Phantom's in-app browser, URL-encoded.

  • ref (required): The URL of the requesting app, URL-encoded

The following is an example request to open an NFT listed on Magic Eden:

Result: browse deeplink to NFT listed on Magic Eden

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