Getting Started With Solana

The Phantom browser extension and mobile in-app browser are both designed to interact with web applications. For mobile apps, we recommend integrating via universal links or deeplinks.

There are two main ways to integrate Phantom into your web application:

Direct Integration

The most direct way to interact with Phantom is via the provider that Phantom injects into your web application. This provider is globally available at window.phantom and its methods will always include Phantom's most up-to-date functionality. This documentation is dedicated to covering all aspects of the provider.

Solana Wallet Adapter

Another quick and easy way to get up and running with Phantom is via the Solana Wallet Adapter package. The wallet adapter is a set of modular TypeScript components that allow developers to easily integrate multiple Solana wallets into their applications. This package includes starter files, setup and usage instructions, and a live demo showcasing multiple UI frameworks.

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